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You’re All My Inspiration

Today I’d like to talk about something most of you can relate to: blogging. What an amazing journey this has been for me. From getting one or two comments (sometimes no comments) per post, to falling into the blogging abyss, to finding, making, and meeting amazing friends. Blogging definitely has its ups and downs, but until you finally blog for yourself and not for comments, can you truly enjoy it.  

 The David K. Stack (made with Nutella and drizzled with honey)

I think there is a difference between commenting for comments and commenting to support your fellow bloggers. In the latter, you’re not trying to receive a comment in return, but solely commenting to support a bloggie friend. As much as we hate to admit it though, bloggers love comments. It’s almost as though the number of comments you have depicts how popular and successful you are —> SO NOT true. I would rather have 3 sincere comments than 300 “yummy yum yum” comments. If you’re going to comment, comment because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.  That is why I put effort into every one of my comments. In order to sincerely comment though, you also need to READ the whole post. If someone is going to just skim through my pictures to make a comment, then I’d rather you not comment.

Baked Eggs in the Basket:

Then there’s the camera and photo obsessions. Yup, don’t deny it guys, you know exactly who you are. I have so so much to learn from many of you. Honestly though, I started out blogging not caring whatsoever about photography. At times I would take photos from my phone and post them (did I just hear some gasps?). Now I actually take the time to take a decent photo and to make my dish somewhat presentable. Who knew photography could be so much fun? Ok, everybody but me. Hey, at least I finally caught on.

Delicious butternut squash soup:

How about the amazing friendships you make along this wonderful journey? When you take the time to get to know the blogger and sincerely comment, you WILL find beautiful friendships, I know I have :-D.

Healthy Miso Wild Alaskan Salmon:

The first step in getting to know a blogger is to get to know their name (if they reveal it). You’d be surprised what an impression it makes on the person reading your comment to know that you took the time to get to know their name.

Strange-Flavor Chicken:

Then there’s the food porn, the oh so torturous food porn. Yes, you people torture me with your delicious, over the top of my skill level recipes and photos. I just have one word for those of you —> ARGH! And my stomach would like to add in her two cents too —> GRUMBLE GRUMBLE!

Baby Spinach and Wasabi Puree:

On a more serious note though, thank you all for sharing your lovely recipes. I have bookmarked so many of them to try, but just haven’t had time to try them yet. These photos you’re scrolling through are just some of the recipes I’ve had time to try recently. I enjoyed every single one of them, so please click on the links to check them out if you’re interested.

To all of you who take the time to get to know me every week, visit, and comment (or not comment), I thank you very much. Every single one of you have made this quite the blogging experience for me. To those of you whom I keep in contact with through email often (you know who you are), you’ve been the best part of this blogging journey for me. Thank you for your beautiful friendship.

Laksa, inspired by:

The luvtoeat family is on a little mini vacation right now. I’ll be sure to visit all my bloggie friends once I get back. Thank you for being such inspirations! So tell me, is there anything you love or hate about blogging? Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Until next time, friends and family.



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