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Conpoy and Dried Mushroom Sauce on a Bed of Spinach

¬†Hello everyone. Thank you for the suggestions and tips on choosing a camera and taking good pictures. I knew I chose the right group of people to ask. I’d have to say, you guys sure do have expensive taste ūüėÄ I think I may have to save up a bit lot before my next camera.

Anyways, I haven’t posted a recipe in a while so I thought it was time I post one. This is a sauce made with conpoy (dried scallops) and dried mushrooms that you can put on top of almost any type of¬†veggie. I chose spinach for this post but you can use broccoli, iceberg lettuce, gai lan, whatever veggie you prefer.¬†


  • 8-12 dried scallops
  • 8-12 dried Shiitake mushrooms
  • 3 TBS oyster sauce
  • 1 TBS sugar
  • 3 tsp corn starch
  • 1 tsp chicken broth powder
  • 1/2 cup water

When you buy dried scallops or dried mushrooms, make sure you take them out of the bag and put them in an air-tight container such as a jar or Tupperware container. This protects them from any moisture.

Give the scallops and mushrooms a good rinse and scrub with your hands to get off any dirt.

Soak the scallops in a bowl with about one and a half cup of water overnight.

In a separate bowl, soak the mushrooms in three cups of water overnight (STEMS DOWN in the water please).

This is what they will look like once ready. If you don’t want to soak them overnight I think¬†three to four¬†hours should be sufficient time.

Turn the mushrooms over to soak the tops for another hour.

DO NOT dump out the mushroom and scallop water after soaking as this is where all the flavor is. Cut about 2 cm off the ends of the mushroom stems and throw the mushrooms in a pot with all the scallop and mushroom water. Bring water to a simmer. Turn heat down to medium low and allow to simmer for about half an hour.

While water is simmering, shred scallops by hand. Trust me, no need to bring out any expensive kitchen appliance as these scallops will shred very easily.

In a bowl mix together oyster sauce, chicken broth powder, corn starch, sugar and water. This is the brand of oyster sauce I usually buy. Lee Kum Kee premium oyster sauce

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until as little chunks as possible.

Turn the heat up to high, pour in the sauce while stirring constantly. Once the sauce thickens and starts to simmer, turn the heat back to low. Cover lid and let simmer for another hour. Make sure you stir about every ten minutes so the sauce does not burn or stick to the bottom of the pot.

When done, it should look something like this. It should have the consistency of ketchup except just a tad more runny. If it is too runny you can always mix a teaspoon of cornstarch with four tablespoons of water and then add that to the sauce while stirring constantly.

Have your bed of cooked vegetables ready and pour the sauce over it. I just stir fried some spinach with garlic, cooking oil and a bit of Chinese cooking wine. Once again here is my pathetic attempt (with a very bad camera )at making my dish look yummy. Until I save up the money you guys will just have to¬†get used to¬†these blurry pictures, sorry. Unless someone has a nicer camera they would like to donate to the LeeQie (pronounced leaky)Fund ūüėČ Yes, that’s one of my many wierd nicknames. How about you guys,¬†do you have a nickname you’d like to share? Hope you enjoy this sauce if you do decide to make it.

Before I leave I just wanted to ask you to please check out this post on Mary’s blog on how to protect your blog contents from getting stolen. She has some great tips. If you have time also check out her blog and recipes, this woman sure can cook! Until next time friends and family. Have a great weekend/long weekend!



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