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Out of the Ordinary

First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who commented on my last post. I really appreciate your honest opinions and helpful advice. You guys rock! Oh, and one more thing about my blogroll and being placed under a certain list; well of course I consider all of you my bloggie friends but I just needed a way to separate the foodies from the non-foodies. Just because you’re under Edmoton Bloggers or because I “stalk you” 😉 doesn’t mean you’re not my friend. I knew you were just kidding Denise, but I wanted to make it clear so no one feels left out. The next thing I want to address is this guy:

Here’s a better view.

He’s been living outside my window for a while now. Just to give you an idea of how big he actually is, those little black dots all around him are mosquitoes sand small bugs  trapped in his web. I’m assuming it’s a he because there’s a smaller one that’s always around, which is probably the Mrs. Then again, I’m no spider expert so it could be the other way around. Any spider experts reading this want to comment on that? And should I be afraid of this guy? Don’t forget, I trap spiders and bugs under a glass and put a book overtop (as if I were dealing with Spiderman) and wait for Gary to come home and take care of it. So if this guy ever got into the house, I would FREAK!  He’s no ordinary spider, that’s for sure. I have to admit, every morning when I check and see that he’s in his spot, it gives me a sense of relief.

Here’s another thing out of the ordinary.

Yup, those things on the left are snails. Best friend was craving snails so she bought some from T&T, along with some clams, and brought them over to my house to cook while the kiddies enjoyed a playdate. She also brought these, which I didn’t know what she wanted me to do with them. And yes Jessie, those are thousand year old eggs (well not literally of course).

I felt like I was in a cooking challenge on one of those cooking shows or something. “Here are your ingredients, now make something with them in a certain amount of time”. So I just boiled the snails and clams. Haha, that’s why I’m not on any cooking show.

Warning: If you’re squeamish about snails, you might want to scroll past the next two pictures after this one.

We just used pointy toothpicks to pick them out of their shells after boiling them for about ten minutes. Be sure not to over-boil them as they will shrink.

Dipped in some fish sauce (the type you have with spring rolls) with minced garlic and chili sauce. It’s hard to believe, but they were MMM MMM good. Did I just lose half my readers?

Don’t forget to take off the flap.

We dipped the clams in fish sauce as well.

Kiddies enjoyed making the shells talk :-).

After reading Jessie’s post, I was craving tacos, but when we got to the grocery store I saw the barbecue chicken and changed my mind. I wanted to make chicken wraps instead. Plus, I was a bit lazy to cook. So we bought a whole barbecue chicken and shredded the meat into two separate piles, dark meat for the hubby and white meat for me.

Along with some shredded cheese, lettuce, black olives, and spinach tortillas. Forgot the tomatoes :(. They were still pretty good wraps though.

I love my cheese and olives!

Maybe we should’ve made a smaller wrap for the little guy. Sorry baby boy. He still enjoyed it though.

K enjoyed both drumsticks from the barbecue chicken and a wrap as well.

And Gary approved of the yumminess too. If you don’t feel like cooking but want a quick dinner at home, this is the perfect meal. Fun for the kids to make as well. Wanna know what else I did out of the ordinary this weekend?

That’s right, I baked. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know baking is not my forte. But when I saw Ameena‘s Godiva Chocolate Bar Cake, I knew I had to try it. The recipe calls for an 8″ x 8″ baking pan but I didn’t have one so I used a larger deep round pan, and that’s why it looks like there’s so much more rising room. And trust me, her’s looked much much better, see for yourself in this post. What can I say, I’m learning, I’m learning. If you want something chocolatey and yummy, this is your cake. Thank you Ameena for the recipe! I’ll be making this again soon.

Weekends always go by way too fast don’t they? That’s all I have for you this week peeps. I’ll leave you with these questions: Have you ever tried eating snails before? If not, would you ever try eating one? And are you a dark meat or a white meat fan? Hope you all had a great weekend. Until next time friends and family :-D. 



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