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You’re All My Inspiration

Today I’d like to talk about something most of you can relate to: blogging. What an amazing journey this has been for me. From getting one or two comments (sometimes no comments) per post, to falling into the blogging abyss, to finding, making, and meeting amazing friends. Blogging definitely has its ups and downs, but until you finally blog for yourself and not for comments, can you truly enjoy it.  

 The David K. Stack (made with Nutella and drizzled with honey)

I think there is a difference between commenting for comments and commenting to support your fellow bloggers. In the latter, you’re not trying to receive a comment in return, but solely commenting to support a bloggie friend. As much as we hate to admit it though, bloggers love comments. It’s almost as though the number of comments you have depicts how popular and successful you are —> SO NOT true. I would rather have 3 sincere comments than 300 “yummy yum yum” comments. If you’re going to comment, comment because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.  That is why I put effort into every one of my comments. In order to sincerely comment though, you also need to READ the whole post. If someone is going to just skim through my pictures to make a comment, then I’d rather you not comment.

Baked Eggs in the Basket:

Then there’s the camera and photo obsessions. Yup, don’t deny it guys, you know exactly who you are. I have so so much to learn from many of you. Honestly though, I started out blogging not caring whatsoever about photography. At times I would take photos from my phone and post them (did I just hear some gasps?). Now I actually take the time to take a decent photo and to make my dish somewhat presentable. Who knew photography could be so much fun? Ok, everybody but me. Hey, at least I finally caught on.

Delicious butternut squash soup:

How about the amazing friendships you make along this wonderful journey? When you take the time to get to know the blogger and sincerely comment, you WILL find beautiful friendships, I know I have :-D.

Healthy Miso Wild Alaskan Salmon:

The first step in getting to know a blogger is to get to know their name (if they reveal it). You’d be surprised what an impression it makes on the person reading your comment to know that you took the time to get to know their name.

Strange-Flavor Chicken:

Then there’s the food porn, the oh so torturous food porn. Yes, you people torture me with your delicious, over the top of my skill level recipes and photos. I just have one word for those of you —> ARGH! And my stomach would like to add in her two cents too —> GRUMBLE GRUMBLE!

Baby Spinach and Wasabi Puree:

On a more serious note though, thank you all for sharing your lovely recipes. I have bookmarked so many of them to try, but just haven’t had time to try them yet. These photos you’re scrolling through are just some of the recipes I’ve had time to try recently. I enjoyed every single one of them, so please click on the links to check them out if you’re interested.

To all of you who take the time to get to know me every week, visit, and comment (or not comment), I thank you very much. Every single one of you have made this quite the blogging experience for me. To those of you whom I keep in contact with through email often (you know who you are), you’ve been the best part of this blogging journey for me. Thank you for your beautiful friendship.

Laksa, inspired by:

The luvtoeat family is on a little mini vacation right now. I’ll be sure to visit all my bloggie friends once I get back. Thank you for being such inspirations! So tell me, is there anything you love or hate about blogging? Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Until next time, friends and family.


I Don’t Want to be Two-Faced…

…therefore I’m shooting myself in the foot with this post rather than opening up a luvtoeat Facebook page.

Yup, Facebook, that’s what’s been on my mind lately and that’s what I’d like to talk about today. I’ve never mentioned Facebook on my blog or posts due to the reason that I never really added blogging friends, not up until recently. I take Facebooking very seriously. If you’re on my Facebook, you’ll know I’m on there a lot, and I mean A LOT. Recently though, I’ve been adding bloggie friends, but (here’s where I pull the trigger) I need to come clean and tell you that I have privatized many pictures and my friends list on there. I’m not doing this to disrespect any of you, but more as a respect towards my friends and family who are in those pictures. I’ve tagged them and so their real names show up. It’s only fair for me to respect their privacy and privatize those pictures and friends list. Until blogging, all the friends I had on my Facebook I have actually met in person. So adding bloggie friends from all over the world is very new to me. I don’t want to open a luvtoeat Facebook page either as blogging already takes up so much of my time. Until my friends and family come to the same understanding as me that bloggers can become real life friends too, I will respect their privacy and keep my photos and friends list privatized. Only a blogger will understand the life of another blogger and how much blogging really affects your everyday life. I hope you all understand and don’t take this personally. I believe in total honesty, and if we’re going to be friends, I want to start out on the right foot. To those of you who want to delete me from your Facebook, I totally understand and will not take it offensively. To those of you who want to keep me on your friends list, I look forward to building a long and lasting friendship with you and I thank you for your friendship and for finding me on Facebook.

Now speaking of friends and blogging, my lovely friend Veronica from Quay Po Cooks had a giveaway on her blog some time back. The giveaway was for some hand-made earrings and bracelets. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to enter her giveaway and win. I’d like to share some photos with you of the earrings she sent. She made two pairs, one for me and one also for my daughter. How sweet is she right? Here are K’s earrings in the front.

Such pretty colours and fun design. I would definitely wear those myself after finding a matching outfit. K loved both pairs and asked if she could even have mine. Immediately my mind turned to —> bribing incentive. I know, mother of the year right here.

I haven’t pierce her ears yet. I wanted to wait for her to be old enough to make the decision herself. Here’s a picture of my bribing incentive also.

Aren’t they cute and beautiful at the same time? No wonder K wants both pairs, can you blame her? Veronica, thank you so so much for these beautiful gifts and your lovely friendship. You really have a talent here, my friend. Your kindness and generosity shines through your blog all the time, and this is no exception. Hopefully I will be able to thank you in person some day. If you haven’t visited Veronica’s blog yet, I urge you to do so, you won’t regret it. Besides making beautiful jewelry, she’s also one heck of a cook and one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

That’s it for this week. Thank you for all your sweet sweet comments on my last post. Hope you all had a great weekend. I promise there will be food on my next post. Until next time, friends and family. What are your thoughts about Facebook and blogging?

Blogging Rocks!

 I hope everyone had a really great Halloween! In case you didn’t get enough sweets over the weekend, I’d like to share some sweetness with you right now. Let’s start with the many reasons of why blogging rocks for me! (In no particular order of course.)

1. Stella @ The Witchy Kitchen

2. Ameena @ Fancy That….Fancy This

3. Denise @ Quickies on the Dinner Table

4. Jessie @ The Happiness in Health

5. Lazaro @ Lazaro Cooks!

6. Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

7. Valerie @ A Canadian Foodie

8. Mary @ Keep Learning, Keep Smiling

9. Biren @ Roti n Rice

10. Ann @ Anncoo Journal

11. Brittany @ The Day Just Began…Already

12. Aletheia @ La Fille Naturelle (even though you don’t blog anymore, I want you to know I’m still happy to have met you through blogging)

13. Sophia @ Burp and Slurp

14. Tanantha @ I just Love My Apron

15. Monet @ anecdotes and apple cores

All of you are on that list because I believe that real friendships can definitely be made through blogging, do you?

This award was MADE and given to me by Brittany @ THE DAY JUST BEGAN….ALREADY.

Brittany’s blog always puts a smile on my face. Even when she’s not having such a great day, she still blogs with enthusiasm and laughs off her mishaps. And when she IS having a good day, y’all better watch out cause there’s going to be some crazy fun headed your way. This was a LONG OVERDUE thank you (blush). So thank you Brittany for your patience and your continued support. Keep blogging the way you blog!

The next award was passed on to me by Biren of Roti n Rice.

Biren’s blog always has wonderful and delicious recipes that she so kindly shares with her readers every week. She is also a stay at home mom, but much much more talented than I am. Aside from her lovely recipes, I also love visiting Biren’s blog for ideas of activities to do with my kids when they get older as Biren enjoys doing with her boys now.

I was then honored again with the same award from Lazaro of Lazaro Cooks! Words can’t explain how touched I was when I read this post. If you follow Lazaro’s blog, you’ll know he speaks from the heart and is not afraid to dish it out the way he sees it. Speaking of dishing, he also creates some of the most amazing dishes I’ve seen. Lazaro, you know what I think of you and your blog. You are a true talent in the kitchen. 

Thank you Brittany, Biren, and Lazaro for thinking of me with these awards, I really appreciate it! I’d like to pass the second award onto the 15 bloggers that I listed above. Please just take the award with no obligations of posting about it. I know some of you have already received this award, but you’re on MY list because I appreciate your friendship and want to thank you for always replying to my stalking emails ;-). 

Besides the lovely friendships I’ve made through blogging, here’s another reason why blogging rocks! (sorry for the blurry picture and the horrible attempt at getting some light.)

Trying out different recipes. This is Mrs. Chen’s (Lynn’s Mom of The Actor’s Diet) delicious bitter melon with flank steak recipe. Her wonderful recipe can be found here on Lynn’s guest post on Angry Asian Man’s blog. Gary gave this dish a two thumbs up, needless to say, I loved it as well. Wanna know what else? Kiddies even ate this too. When I was a kid, I hated bitter melon, so either my kids are very easy (picture me shaking my head right now), or Mrs. Chen knows how to cook up some delicious bitter melon. Thank you Mrs. Chen for this wonderful recipe. Hubby has requested I now cook my bitter melon this way every time. No worries, it’s all cool, I can admit defeat to great recipes like this :-D.

I also tried these Matcha ChocChip Macadamia cookies from Tanantha @ I Just Love My Apron.

I’m almost ashamed to show you my cookies, cause when compared to her’s, mine look horrible. They tasted quite the opposite of the way they looked though. Please don’t take offense to that Tanantha. It’s just really bad baking skills on my half. I loved that these weren’t too sweet and had just the perfect amount of green tea taste. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe again, and I promise I’ll do better next time Tanantha. I changed the recipe a little and left out the macadamia nuts because of my allergies, and I used white chocolate chips because that’s what I had. I’m a white chocolate kinda gal ;-).

One more thing before I leave. Alisha aka Magic of Spice tagged me in one of her posts with some fun questions to answer. Seeing that this is already quite a long post, I’ll save those questions for another post. Thank you Alisha for the tag.

There you have it, the many reasons of why blogging rocks for me. Why do you love blogging? Is there something you hated to eat as a kid, but have grown to enjoy now? Thank you all for reading again. Until next time, friends and family :-D. Happy Blogging! I’ll leave you with these Halloween pictures. I call this first one: “The Loot!” or “Drive Mom Bananas for a Year” 

But how do you say no to this face?


The jacket on the floor —–> hand me down. I’m too cheap to buy anything like that :-D.

Freshwater Prawns in Tomalley and Shrimp Paste

The Good:

First of all, THANK YOU so very much for all your wonderful and engaging comments on my last post. It’s really great to know that I’m not the only one feeling those feelings about blogging, and it felt really good to get it out. There’s just one last thing I want to get off my mind and I promise, no more blogging complaining from me.

“Comments”, is it an evil word? It can be if you go about it the wrong way. It took me quite some time into blogging until I finally learned to let go of the “comment game”. I now only comment cause I want to, not because I feel I have to.  I’m sure a lot of you have seen me comment on your blogs even though you have not commented on mine every time I post. The truth is, I don’t comment to get a comment in return. I’m there because I really love reading your blogs. So thank you to those of you who continue to visit me (even if you don’t comment), I really do appreciate it. I believe commenting can be a great way to get to know the blogger. And if you’re like me and am there to learn, ask questions. Most bloggers will be happy to answer your questions.I’ve actually made some sincere friendships through blogging and commenting.  All right, that’s it, that’s the last of blogging complaining you’ll hear from me (at least for a while).

The Bad:

Yup, that’s my shattered iPhone. Had it in my shirt pocket, bent down to help L put on his shoes and the next thing I know, my phone is on the floor. The dumb thing was that I had just taken off the invisible shield too… ARGH!!!!! So I put plastic wrap on it hoping to hold it together till I can get it fixed or get a new one.

And The Yummy:

Now onto something that always makes me happy, SEAFOOD! I’m a huge seafood lover, so when my Mom makes any kind of seafood dish, I watch her like a hawk and I try to learn. The problem with learning recipes from my Mom is that she never uses exact measurements. When I ask her how much of a specific ingredient she puts in, she always replies with, “”Just add in however much you want and then taste it.” That drives me nuts. Anyone else have this problem? Anyways, here is another dish I learned at my parents’ house but haven’t had time to post until now.

Freshwater Prawns in Tomalley and Shrimp Paste:

We used large freshwater prawns . There were about eight frozen prawns in this box. 

Warning: If you’re squeamish about “dissecting” a prawn, you may want to scroll past the next 5 or 6 pictures. 

Each prawn was about the size of my palm.

These guys were already frozen, dead and defrosted, or else I would never have the guts to do what my Dad is about to do. Plus it would just be inhumane.

Start by cutting diagonally downward away from the body at the top of the pointy blade on the prawn.

This pouch you see inside the head, that’s what you’ll want to discard. That’s the waste bag.

Peel the shell off of the rest of the head that’s still attached to the body. Under that, you’ll find this orange stuff, which is the prawn tomalley. If you’ve seen or heard of people sucking the heads of shrimps/prawns (I know, it sounds gross), this is exactly what they’re trying to get out. This is probably the most cherished part of the prawn. Another one of those either you love it or you hate it things. I love it.

Squeeze out the tomalley into a bowl and set aside for later use.

Use a pair of sharp scissors and trim off the front legs.

Once the legs have been trimmed off, peel off the shell from the body.

We left the shell of the tails on for better appearance. You can definitely peel them off if you prefer to. Next, cut a slit down the middle of the back of the body and devein. Repeat with the rest of the prawns.  We also added some shrimp to this dish.

Heat up a wok on high heat. Wait until wok is HOT and add in oil. Once oil is hot, add in garlic. As the garlic is just about to brown, add in prawns. 

Sprinkle a dash of sugar on each prawn and shrimp. Flip and leave to brown for about a minute per side. Add in sesame oil. Give prawns a toss.  

Add in tomalley, shrimp paste, and fish sauce. Give prawns a couple more tosses to mix up the ingredients.

This is the shrimp paste my parents used.

I prefer this brand: (the small can out in front). I find it more flavorful as it has garlic and different spices mixed in. You should be able to get shrimp paste from any Asian grocery store.

Both shrimp pastes have quite a bit of oil in them so if you want, you can leave out the sesame oil or use less of it. Here’s mine and the kiddies’ dish of prawns.

My parents continued with their share and added a dish of leftover belly pork that they had the day before. 

Trust me, you don’t want to be eating this every day. Once in a while I think is okay though. Look at that pork.

I have to admit, their dish does look much better than mine.

Sorry I don’t have exact measurements, but that’s the way my mom cooks. Next time I try this on my own, I’ll get exact measurements. I’d probably also use onions to add more flavor to the dish.

We’re off to beautiful Vancouver with our guests from Vietnam for the Thanksgiving long weekend. Vancouver is one of my favorite Canadian cities to visit, especially for the food. I’ll catch up with all your blogs when I get back because a true vacation to me is time spent with my family not having to worry about anything but eating…teeeheee. I hope all my Canadian readers (and anyone else celebrating Thanksgiving next week) have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy quality time with your family.

If you like seafood, what’s your favorite seafood? I LOVE lobster! Before I leave, I just want to mention that one of my favorite bloggers, Lynn over at The Actor’s Diet has just opened up her new online store with some pretty cool merchandise. The talented artwork on those merchandise were created by Cindy K. Shaw, a fellow blogger and very talented artist over at Miscellaneous Musings.  That’s it for this week, until next time, friends and family :-D.

I’m Here to Learn

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s been a while since my last post, but things have been a bit hectic here with K starting school. We’ve also got some guests over from Vietnam staying here for almost two months, so you may see less posting from me. 

Anyways, most of you have already heard of Project Food Blog by Foodbuzz. If you haven’t, just click on the link. I just want to take some time and tell you why I didn’t enter and also talk a bit about why I blog. As much as I would love to win that $10 000 and a special feature on for one year, I just don’t have the time and commitment to go through all those challenges with two young kids. The challenges do sound super fun though. Another big reason is because blogging is just a hobby for me, and I know there are many, many other bloggers out there who deserve the win much more than I do. By the way, congratulations to all those who made it to the next round!

Now I want to talk about something only a blogger can/will understand:

Like I said, blogging is just a hobby for me. It’s a huge way for me to help relieve stress, whether I’m reading blogs or writing a post. Before I even started my own blog, I would lurk around blogs. Yup, I was a lurker. I would just read blogs and would be a bit afraid to comment. Then after my first comment, I felt more comfortable commenting so I would comment more frequently. Then I started having fun commenting and I thought, why not start my own blog? That’s when I got sucked into “the abyss”, and I’ll explain why I called it the abyss.

I started my blog to help me document my own recipes and recipes that I learned from my Mom and others. I also thought it would be a great idea if this could be a visual journal of fun events and memories that Gary and I shared with the kids. Then there came a time when I got obsessed with getting comments. If you’re a blogger, it’s most likely you’ve gone down this road before, jumping around from blog to blog commenting and hoping to get a comment in return.  It was probably four months into blogging that I finally realized that this was interfering with too much of the time that I had to spend with my kids. That was when I finally snapped out of it. I no longer stay on the computer for hours and hours blogging. I no longer feel like I HAVE TO get a post up by a certain time frame. I don’t feel like this is a job. I only comment on blogs which I WANT to comment on, rather than commenting just to get a comment in return. And the biggest thing that set me free from “the abyss”, was that I am no longer obsessed with how many comments I get and who commented and who didn’t. Once I realized all of that, blogging became fun again. I hope any blogger who has been sucked into “the abyss” will be able to find their way out. Only then, will blogging become fun again. I know this may sound kind of funny and ridiculous, but in all seriousness, blogging should be fun, not a weight on your shoulders.

Another big reason why I food blog is because I’m curious about different kinds of foods, and I luvtoeat! But how can I eat if I don’t even know what that certain food is? So I also food blog to learn. When Aletheia at La Fille Naturelle tweeted about the cactus pear, it perked my curiosity. I had never heard of it before and was very intrigued. So I googled it to see what it looked like and I went on a mission to find it. I found some at Costco. At first from afar I thought they were potatoes. Then I realized they were cactus pears and got super excited the way a foodie gets super excited when they find a new food. I know all you foodies know exactly what I’m talking about.

The inside of this fruit is beautiful, my camera doesn’t do it justice. It smelled really pleasant, kind of like a watermelon. The taste was what blew me away though. Sweet like a cross between and watermelon and a strawberry, but not overly sweet. It did have many, many hard annoying seeds though. I loved the taste, but hated the seeds. 

I wasn’t sure how to eat this so I just winged it and ate the seeds cause that was the part that tasted the best. Then I decided I had to google that too (don’t ask me why I didn’t do that at first). I found this video:

The guy in this video actually threw away the seeds! So I tried watching other videos and it seemed most people just peel the skin off and eat the meat and seeds that’s immediately under the skin. So I was left confused. Do you just eat the meat? Do you just eat the seeds? Do you eat both the meat and the seeds? If anyone out there knows, I’d love to hear.

Another thing that perked my interest were these:

I read about these on Lynn’s blog over at The Actor’s Diet. I’m crazy over coconut juice straight from a coconut so I really wanted to try these. I found the mango flavor and passion fruit flavor at Planet Organic, but wasn’t able to find plain coconut water. That’s the one I really wanted to try. They were really refreshing, but like I said, I really wanted plain COCONUT water. I had a sip of each and let my kids have the rest. I really liked them both, but my kids liked them more. So what do you do as a Mom right?

Speaking of my kids, here’s something else I’m here to learn:

Baking! With K in playschool now, she brings 2 healthy snacks with her every time she goes (only 3 days a week). So I thought it’d be in my best interest that I learned to bake healthy snacks for her. Like I’ve said before, baking is not my forte, but for my daughter, I’m willing to learn. This was a delicious banana bread recipe I got from Ameena at Fancy That …Fancy This.

Only problem was, I left the bread in for too long and burned the top. Sorry Ameena, I’ll keep a closer eye on it next time, but it WAS delicious. Thank you for your recipe!

Here’s another recipe I tried: Honey Spice Fig Cookies

This lovely recipe is from Monet at anecdotes and apple cores. After reading her touching post, it inspired me to bake these “cookies” for K as an afterschool treat. I put quotation marks around “cookies” because you can tell that mine were obviously not cookies. I got greedy and made bigger balls (minds outta the gutter please :-)) than the recipe called for and I paid the price. Instead they turned into buns…lol. So I call these bun-ckies…teehee. It was a really scrumptious recipe, just poorly executed. Sorry Monet, I promise to make “COOKIES” next time. Thank you for your lovely recipe, now I can bring my daughter an afterschool treat.

Here’s another dish from another wonderful blogger I tried long ago, but forgot to post it till now, Laksa! If you like coconutty flavored curry soups, this is your dish. I put in fish tofu, mussels, salmon, okra, bean sprouts, and water spinach. It was divine!

I got this idea from Mary at Keep Learning Keep Smiling (love that blog name!). Thank you Mary for always sharing your lovely recipes. And thank you to all these sweet bloggers whom I’ve mentioned in this post. If you haven’t visited their blogs, please do. They really are sweet sweet ladies. Last but not least, thank you to all you bloggers out there for teaching me something everyday. I really enjoy blogging and learning from each and every one of you everytime I visit your blogs. I may not always comment (most of the time I do cause I like to talk a lot…haahaa), but I truly always do appreciate what you have to share and teach me in your posts. Cheers to blogging everyone!

So there you have it, why I didn’t enter the foodbuzz challenge, why I blog, and how I got out of “the abyss”. I’m glad to have found the light at the end of the tunnel and am able to enjoy blogging again. Have you ever been caught in “the abyss”? How did you get yourself out to enjoy blogging again? That’s it for this week. I hope everyone had a great weekend and will enjoy a wonderful week. Until next time, friends and family :-D. Don’t get sucked into the abyss 😉

What I Learned This Weekend

Costco was having a demonstration on the vitamix this past weekend. The first time I’ve ever heard of this machine was on a post from Christy @ The Actor’s Diet. This girl sure loves her vitamix. I snapped a shot and quickly walked away so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy one cause God knows, I’m a HUGE sucker for kitchen products. Unfortunately my credit card can confirm that too 😉 I still don’t know what this machine does but I’m afraid to find out (must stay away from temptation).

Since it was the long weekend and I had extra time on my hands, I took the opportunity to try out two recipes from two other fellow bloggers. I wanted to try a thrid recipe but that one involves a very ripe avocado and my avocado wasn’t ripe yet 😦 By the way, I heard if you put fruit into your rice container along with your uncooked rice, it helps speed up the ripening process. Or if you put different fruits together in a bag, one fruit will help the other ripen. Anyone ever heard of this? Not sure if those are true though so don’t quote me on that.

Sorry for getting sidetracked. Anyways, blogging has opened my eyes to a whole new world and has inspired me to try new dishes. Now stir frying and steaming I can handle, but when it comes to making dessert or trying out other people’s recipes, I’m like a fish out of water. So with that said, I’m going to take the time now to apologize to Stella and Denise because my pictures don’t do their recipes justice. I actually contemplated on whether to put up the pictures or not but then I needed proof…..teehee.

I tried out a delicious Coconut Milk and Rosewater Panna Cotta recipe from Stella @ The Witchy Kitchen. This was Kayla’s serving with fuzzy peach on top.

Here’s mine.

And here’s what it was supposed to look like: (Stella’s)

See what I mean about not doing it justice? Huge swing and miss on the presentation, BUT….I’m pretty sure I had the taste dead on because I followed the recipe and instructions exactly and boy was this delicious! If you like coconut you have to try this! It was coconuty, smooth, the perfect sweetness and YUMMILICIOUS! I exaggerate you not 😛 Please click on the name of this dessert above for the complete recipe. I’ll definitely be making this again!

I also tried another delicious recipe from Denise @ Quickies on the Dinner Table. If you like spicy dishes you’ll LOVE this recipe. Check out the spice in this one:

12 large fresh red chillies, remove seeds (the blender doesn’t crush them)
15 red bird’s eye chillies, remove stalks,leave seeds in
3 level Tbsp red hot pepper flakes (I used Maldivian red pepper flakes)
4 medium red onions, peel
4 medium sized knobs of ginger (each 7 cm or 2 1/2 in long) peel
4 large potatoes, peel and cut each into 6
3 level tsps Colman’s Mustard powder (or finely ground black mustard seeds)
500 g (about 1 lb) smoked cocktail sausages
2 cups water
1 medium store bought rotisserie chicken (ready roasted) cut into 10 or 12 even pieces
2 1/2 Tbsp white vinegar (no wine/cider/balsamic please)
2 tsp salt (or to taste)
1/2 – 1 level tsp sugar

Please click here for the complete recipe. Now once again here’s my swing and miss on presentation dish:

I had it along with some whole wheat pasta and shrimp.

And here’s justice: (Denise’s)

Her dish looks so much better than mine. What I AM proud of though was how great this tasted. I left out the Italian sausage cause I forgot to buy them but still made the dish anyways. Maybe that’s why her’s looks so much better. When I saw the spiciness of this recipe I knew I had to try this. I’m so glad I did because it was one smokin’ dish! I couldn’t have asked for a better tasting, more spicy, beyond satisfying dish! Talk about clearing my sinuses. This dish took me on a roller coaster ride. From tearing and crying from the spiciness during preparation, to pain (that kind of satisfying good pain though) from my burning lips, tongue, and stomach, to pure enjoyment of the DELICIOUSNESS exploding out of this dish. I can’t wait to make this again with ALL the ingredients next time 😛

So here’s what I learned this weekend:

  1. How to make two awesomely delicious dishes.
  2. I need a new camera and photography lessons cause my pictures obviously suck. (any suggestions on a camera?)
  3. Looks can be deceiving.
  4. Give credit where credit is due (even if it makes you look like a really bad cook ;-).)
  5. Food blogging rocks!

So thank you Stella and Denise for always sharing your wonderful and delicious recipes. You two charming ladies are truly an inspiration. I still have a lot to learn from the both of you and the blogging world. Happy blogging everyone. Don’t forget to check out my giveaways page. Until next time friends and family.


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